Shaping the Dream


Give a particular shape or form to [something]; make [something] fit the form of something else; determine the nature of; have a great influence on [something].

A thing perceived as wonderful or perfect; a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal; an unrealistic or self-deluding fantasy.


Each communal experiment has its “pie in the sky”. A dream that the contemporary society - in which it has developed first as a non-compliant idea - failed to fulfil. Because running against the flow alone can be quite challenging, many “have banded together in communities to bring about the fulfilment of their own utopian aspirations.” [1] According to Timothy Miller, “the sense of dropping out” together “of a decadent society and building a new and better order on the ashes of the old” is “central to the community building process”. [2] From learning-by-doing teaching pedagogies and architectural movements fighting for gender equality to designers calling for Nature’s great come back - in the creative fields, communal living initiatives questioning society are recurrent. Making the dream come true necessarily involves tests, failures and adjustments, but like most experiments, the journey is often more important than the ending result.

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