Lack of success; The action or state of not functioning;


Experimentation doesn’t always rhyme with success… As a constant reminder of humility, failure accompanies all in-common endeavours that question the norms and steer away from the mainstream routes. Dropping from the sky can hurt, but failing is part of the endless cycle of creative production and is the strongest basis for gaining insightful experience and strive for improvement. As Nobel prize writer Toni Morisson underlines “a failure is (...) knowledge of what does not work” [1] - and knowledge is key to understanding problems and finding original ways to adapt to new conditions. Fighting frustration and setting new goals together requires strength and commitment, but the prize at the end of the journey is generally worth it - and after all “you are never too old to dream a new dream”. [2]

[1] NEA Arts, Issue #4, The Art of Failure, 2014, pp. 2-3
[2] Quote: Clive Staples Lewis


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