Joint; mutual; common.

Do or plan (something) with a specific purpose in mind.


In a world where social cohesion and common interests are constantly threatened, co-design - as a creative methodology - opens up new possibilities for problem solving and space reappropriation. As maintaining the commons - a set of shared goods and values - requires agreement, commitment and cooperation, only fully engaged communities can find the courage and the energy to fight for “equality” vs “hierarchy” and “collective benefit” vs “individual needs”. Sharing goals and decision-making facilitates communication and prevents users from being discouraged and feeling irrelevant. By using social engagement and creativity, co-design yields consensus around a common problem, blending the distinction between “user” and “designer” - thus fostering hybrid collaborations where the non-expert is empowered. For a more equal and just society where design & architecture solutions truly answer the needs of the community.

This definition is based on the paper "Design-Enabled Recommoning" by design researcher Dimeji Onafuwa


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