Unveiling Europe’s wild side

Scrublands and “other places”


Name: Antoine Bruy
Nationality: French
Profession: Photographer
Website: www.antoinebruy.com


Hitchhiking all across Europe from Spain to Romania, searching for what he calls unconventional “human trajectories”, the French photographer Antoine Bruy came up with “Scrublands” - an intimate series of photographs witnessing the choice of some to go off the common roads. From territories in transition, to empty lands, wild landscapes and isolated populations, the photographer documents places on the fringe of society and governed by their own rules and laws. Antoine Bruy has a taste for the peculiar and the invisible as he explores “other places” or heterotopias - a concept developed by French philosopher Michel Foucault in his book "The Order of Things", published in 1971. The Scrublands series - an on-going project which was granted the LensCulture Emerging Talents Award in 2014 - looks at alternative paths cut off from society, immersing the spectator into a world of pastoral scenes, wilderness, infinite solitude, ingenuity and purity. Reflecting on this parallel reality - a distant yet tangible counterworld - the photographer questions the norms and the established society’s canons.


All images © Antoine Bruy

Published: 12 Dec. 2016

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