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Our contributors

Tommaso Brighenti
Born in Parma, Italy, Tommaso Brighenti studied architecture at Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained his Doctorate in 2015 with a research on teaching methodologies for architecture. In order to deepen his knowledge about the subject, during his Doctorate years he visited various schools, among which was the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile), where he participated to a Travesía in 2013. Tommaso is currently Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano and editor-in-chief of FAMagazine.

Evelyn Leveghi
Passionated by design and food, Evelyn Leveghi studied design at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and majored in "Relational design" at Abadir Academy, Italy. In her first essay - "Pratiche relazionali del cibo" - published in 2015, she explores the connecting potential of food. Visit her website for more info about her work.

Matthieu Visentin
A Multimedia Design graduate of EIKON (Switzerland), Matthieu Visentin is a Swiss graphic designer currently finishing a bachelor in Graphic Design at ECAL (Switzerland). Constantly digging in the psychedelic annals of the 60’s, his fascination is triggered by an eclectic theoretical curriculum provided by ECAL and personal findings in the literature of Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary. Most of his books collection is made of rare psychedelic artefacts and spirituality manuals. Visit his website for more infos about his work.

Bee Farrell
Bee Farrell studied a masters’ degree programme in the Anthropology of Food to consolidate and develop many years working with schools, seniors and communities on funded food and heritage projects. Member of the British Guild of Food Writers, she is now based in south-west France and focuses on her writing and curating food, health and education projects that develop a greater sustainable food future. To learn more about Bee's activities visit Antropologists of Eating, Anciens, Breadear.

Loana Gatti
A graduate of ECAL (Switzerland), Loana Gatti is a Swiss graphic designer and young researcher based in London. Her work mostly revolves around art and design education. Her critical point of view on the relation between theory and practice in the field of visual communication encouraged her to undertake research on the matter. She’s currently taking a break from the institutions, exploring the subject by her own means in order to engage in further studies with a sharper mindset. Learn more about her researches on her Tumblr.